Mental Health First Aid

There is evidence to suggest that the risk of developing mental health conditions is higher for defence members than the general Australian population, due to the unique stressors and challenges that go along with defence service.

We also know it is common among service personnel to have ‘delayed onset’ or ‘delayed expression’ of mental health symptoms. What this means is, that while still in Defence, symptoms might masked by keeping busy at work, by being on deployment or having that military camaraderie and support.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t last for everyone and the underlying condition can emerge – usually coinciding with a life change, or an increase in other life stressors.

One way that you can take a proactive approach to mental health and monitoring symptoms is by getting qualified in Mental Health First Aid. Mental Health First Aid is a program developed for the general community to learn about mental health, chronic psychological conditions, behavioural warning signs of distress, and how to help someone access mental health services.


Open Arms provide psychological counseling and support to family members in addition to members, and they also offer Mental Health First Aid Training to help build  knowledge and understanding of common mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, substance use as well as build your confidence in a crisis situation.