Gallipoli Barracks Welfare Support


Unit Welfare Officers

Unit Welfare Officers (UWOs) are attached to each unit, and are the primary contact for the families of all deployed members. If you have concerns about your partner’s health or wellbeing while on deployment, we encourage you to contact your UWO.

UWOs can assist you in making contact with external welfare support agencies, provide advice and assistance in relation to housing, removals, compensation and other administrative matters, and promote social and support networking among unit families.


Chaplains are Specialist Service Officers whose primary role is to assist unit commanders in providing religious and pastoral support to the soldiers under their command.

Chaplain’s posted to units have the following roles:

  • To advise the Unit Commander and his/her staff on religious, spiritual, moral, ethical, cultural and welfare matters,
  • To provide pastoral care to Members and their families in their unit,
  • To co-ordinate and lead chaplaincy activities within their unit and ensure that all unit members have access to chaplaincy support.

To contact a Chaplain in your location, please call the Defence switchboard on 1300 333 362 and ask for the Duty Chaplain at the base closest to your home.



Defence Family Helpline

1800 624 608

The Defence Family Helpline is your first point of call for support, information and connection with your community, including your local DCO team. The Helpline is available 24-7 and is staffed by qualified human services professionals including social workers and psychologists.

You can also email the Helpline on and receive a response within 24 hours.