Preparing to Transition

At some point, every serving member in the Australian Defence Force will be faced with the prospect of transitioning back into civilian life. Regardless of the reason behind your transition, it can be challenging to leave a career which you value and which has been an important part of your identity. It is not unusual to feel some emotional turmoil or to face some challenges in adjusting, even if you are otherwise excited to take the next step in your life.

Simply being aware that this is a normal reaction to transitioning may alleviate some of the stress felt by Defence families during the transition process. However, there are also a number of resources and programs that provide practical strategies and advice to support you and your family during this process.

ADF Transitions provide transition seminers that help you and your family prepare for the transition into civilian life. Serving members and families are encouraged to attend to access information about:

- Transition support and administration
- Future employment
- Finance and Superannuation
- Department of Veterans' Affairs
- Veteran and family support services
- ADF Reserves


The Australian Defence Force acknowledges the experiences that come with planning and managing a transition from service and aim to equip defence families with the tools required for a successful transition. They have a wide range of support available on base, as well as practical tools that be accessed online.

Whether you are thinking about your own transition, supporting someone (family member, friend, commanding officer, and supervisor) or you're just after some advice, visit the ADF Transitions website in the Relevant Resources section to learn more.

ADF Transitions | Defence Community Organisation | RSL Queensland

Need More help?

Here are more support options available to you

Engage Website

The Engage website has specific resources to support the education of partners and families.

Engage is an online portal that current, transitioning, and former ADF members; their families, and/or those involved in their support can use to locate support services. Engage simplifies the process of accessing support by providing information on not-for-profit services available from a range of service providers.


Department of Veterans' Affairs

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) supports Defence through a range of programs and is adopting a more proactive approach to meet the needs of current serving and transitioning members.

DVA provides support services for transitioning members as they leave the ADF. By engaging with ADF members early in their career, DVA can meet the needs of members and their families when the time finally arrives for them to transition to civilian life. Eligible members may also be able to access support from DVA even if they are still currently serving. DVA provides a broad range of services, tools and support (outlined on this page) that can assist members and their families post-service life.