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Welcome to Gallipoli Barracks

Welcome to Brisbane Defence Family website, an initiative of COMD 7th Combat Brigade. This website has been created to act as a central hub of information to support serving members individually and their families.

We understand a career in Defence requires commitment from every member of our family, not just our serving members. This hub acts as your key to unlocking Gallipoli Barracks, understanding the services and resources that are available to you so you can maximise your time posted here and increase awareness about some of the experiences that you as a Defence member and family may face.

Unlocking your barracks.

The Australian Defence Force has mobilised support to civilian authorities dealing with the current bushfire emergencies threatening the vast areas of New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The Australian Defence Force as part of the fabric of the Australian community and has always responded when disasters threaten the lives of Australians. Although the primary responsibility for emergency management rests with State and local authorities, the Australian Defence Force is well prepared to assist with a range of capabilities and personnel.

The Army’s 7th Combat Brigade has deployed two task groups with additional support from the Army Reserve’s 11th Brigade to support the Joint Task Forces and State Emergency Services in New South Wales and Victoria.

Each task group consist of engineers, transport and earthmoving equipment, logistics experts and other specialised personnel. Personnel have been drawn from right across units based at Gallipoli Barracks.

Through the Joint Task Forces, the Australian Defence Force is working closely with state and territory authorities to ensure our assistance is timely and responsive in the areas it is needed. 7th Combat Brigade believes in providing support to our Defence families as well as our members to ensure a strong foundation for our Defence community.